custom curated gift boxes for dog lovers
custom curated gift boxes for pet lovers
custom assembled gift boxes for new homeowners
custom curated gifts for new families
custom curated gift boxes for dog owners
custom curated gifts for dog owners
Custom curated pet lover gift box


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Sweet Pups! This gift box is for those who love their sweet little pooch friends. The Sadie gift box comes with a One Canoe Two Paper Co. brand furry friends 1000 piece puzzle, pups memory game, and Rewined Poinsettia scent candle in etched glass (reusable) container. 

Grab your furry pal, light your candle and get puzzling! 

Gifts will be sent in a sturdy box, complete with stuffing and ribbon.

*Be sure to add a special note for your mercy box recipient above (it will be handwritten and accompany your box!) 

Included you will find: 

  • 1Canoe2 Puzzle
  • 1Canoe2 Memory Game
  • Rewined Poinsettia holiday Scent Candle