Custom curated gift box for coffee lovers
Luxury gift box for coffee lovers
custom curated coffee gift box
Custom curated coffee gift box
Custom curated coffee care package for delivery
Coffee gift box for delivery
Custom curated coffee care package for delivery
Custom coffee gift boxes delivered
Custom coffee care package delivered
Emiliani coffee set gift box
Coffee gift box for business clients


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The Emiliani coffee box is the first box Mercy Forest Co. has offered where a portion of the money used for the products ordered goes to fighting for a cause. We are so excited to not only offer you an amazing, coffee lovers gift option, but to also work with local companies to fight for our kiddos! 

The Emiliani Coffee found in your box will be the Organic Peru Medium Roast in whole bean form. It has a rich, ripe fruit flavor with a sweet and clean finish and is an ethically sourced, single origin coffee. Emiliani invests in non-profit organizations like The Reel Hope Project and Aspen Grove Network to fight for kids in the foster care and adoption system.  

Next in the box you will find a simple journal for keeping all your coffee tasting notes. This book will help you track all of the coffees you've had, when, where, cost, how you made it, etc. And a fun little side note -- The coffee colored ink in the journal contains a few drops of coffee within the ink!

You will also be covered in your bean scooping and bag resealing needs with the hearty iron coffee scoop and bag clip. 

Last but certainly not least, you will find the option to add the perfect little *Italian moka espresso maker. Made by Grosche, each espresso maker sold provides over 50 days of safe, clean drinking water for families in need. 

Gifts will be sent in a sturdy kraft box with magnetic closure. Complete with stuffing and muslin ribbon.

--Be sure to add a special note for your mercy box recipient above (it will be handwritten and accompany your box!) 

Included you will find: 

  • Emiliani Coffee Organic Peru Roast, Whole Bean (14 oz.)
  • Coffee Journal
  • Iron coffee scoop
  • Iron coffee bag clip
  • Grosche Moka Espresso Maker (3 cup or 150ml) *available as add on only