Hello! Welcome to Mercy Forest Co. 

The idea behind the company came about when a precious friend lost her baby. I was heartbroken and knew I wanted to extend extra love and comfort to her, but had no idea where to start. Having had my own experience with miscarriage, I knew flowers (or something that would come and go) would not be encouraged. I took the time to sit down and really search for ideas and eventually came up with one, but it took a lot of time to curate and get sent off. After that experience, I decided there needed to more gifting options available that were simple, beautiful and meaningful. And on top of that, I wanted my gift to be able to get to the person in the moment...not a week later. Mercy Forest Co. is a curated gifting service that will help you be intentional in your gift giving. It provides beautifully curated items, carefully wrapped and presented in a simple box with a meaningful (your words) hand written (by me) note. Your Mercy box will send within 2 business days to reach your special someone in the moment. 
It is with gratitude that I welcome you here -- Mercy Forest Co.

xo Melissa