Custom Curated Gift Boxes for Clients

Mercy Forest Co. is a gifting service dedicated to helping companies curate and deliver simple, beautiful and meaningful gifts to their clients and employees. Working together, we can arrange custom gift boxes that reflect your brand and work culture, adding in a special handwritten note for extra personalization. With on-demand shipping and unique customization features for corporate gifts, Mercy Forest Co. will help you show your appreciation for all those in your professional sphere.

So, how does it work? 

After reaching out to Mercy Forest Co., our team will work directly with you to develop a plan for your corporate gift box. This includes everything from the contents of the gift box to order management and delivery scheduling. Once finalized, we will begin curating the necessary branded and personalized items to add to your custom gift boxes. From there, you will be able to opt for on-demand shipping from your client portal—pickup options are available for local customers. This portal will house all your brand-specific gifts, shipping details, and more.  

Whether you're looking to welcome new employees or show gratitude for long-standing clients, Mercy Forest Co. can curate a custom gift box that aligns with your brand and business. We love working with all types of different companies, including realtors, interior designers, childcare providers, mortgage companies, and wealth management offices, to name a few. We would be honored to have the chance to show you, your employees, and your clients what the art of gifting is all about!

Want to learn more about our custom gift box curation, order management, and gift delivery services? Reach out to Mercy Forest Co. today to get started!