Sympathy Gifts

Comforting those who have lost a loved one or baby through miscarriage can be difficult.  In emotionally charged situations such as these, it can be hard knowing which words to say and when. Sympathy gifts provide a simple yet beautiful way to show that you are thinking about someone who is grieving and in need of support.  At Mercy Forest Co., we offer unique curated items for grieving individuals that encourage comfort and self-care during the most difficult of times. 

Custom Memorial and Remembrance Gifts

Mercy Forest Co. understands firsthand the devastation of losing a beloved friend or family member.  Sending love and support through thoughtfully curated sympathy gift boxes can help comfort grieving individuals amidst heartache. These gifts can be sent directly to the individual, delivered to a memorial or funeral event, or picked up locally within two business days. 

How the Sympathy Gifts Process Works

A limited inventory of in-stock, ready-to-ship curated gift boxes are available on the Mercy Forest Co. website.  During the ordering process, you can compose a personalized message to be handwritten and placed alongside the other contents of the sympathy gift box.  Additionally, Mercy Forest Co. makes it easy to set specific delivery dates as well as send multiple gifts to different addresses at checkout. 

Show You Care with Mercy Forest Co. Sympathy Gifts

When words feel like they are not enough to share your support during a time of tragedy or sorrow, a meaningful and thoughtful gift can help fill the void.  A sympathy gift is a beautiful gesture that can bring comfort to those most in need while showing just how much you care for the individual.  Whether you’re looking for a custom sympathy gift box that preserves the memory of a loved one or a care package intended to console someone near and dear to you, Mercy Forest Co. can help you select the perfect sympathy gift.