Light up joy and welcome with this exquisite gift box, perfect for realtors, new homeowners, and anniversaries.  Features:  Elegant Illume® candle: Shaped like a beautiful flower, available in two luxurious scents: Coconut Milk Mango for a tropical escape or Fresh Sea Salt for a calming coastal vibe. Matching set of matches: Ensures easy and stylish candle lighting, adding a touch of sophistication. Curated presentation: Beautifully packaged in a gift box, ready to delight your recipient.
Preferred vendor appreciation: Show your gratitude to important partners with a luxurious and practical gift.
Light up their lives with a touch of luxury. This beautifully curated gift box is the perfect way for realtors to welcome new homeowners, celebrate anniversaries, or show appreciation to preferred vendors.
Custom curated congratulatory gift box
Elegant Illume candle: Hand-poured, flower-shaped candle in the choice of inviting Coconut Milk Mango or refreshing Fresh Sea Salt fragrance. Simple, beautiful, meaningful gifts ready to ship
Preferred vendor appreciation: Shows gratitude and strengthens relationships. Custom curated congratulatory gift box
Light up the joy of home with this exquisite gift box. Perfect for realtors, new homeowners, anniversaries, or your valued vendors.
Custom curated congratulatory gift box
Luxurious Illume candle: Choose between the inviting scent of Coconut Milk Mango or the invigorating Fresh Sea Salt, both in a beautiful flower shape, adding a touch of elegance to any home.
Custom curated congratulatory gift box
Custom curated congratulatory gift box
Mercy Forest Co. Logo Swap program allows you to put your logo on any of our ready-to-ship gift boxes  instead of our logo. Perfect for sending clients branded gifts intentionally and in the moment!


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Candle Scent

Our favorite way to send flowers to someone is in this perfect form! A hand made ceramic 'flower' vessel holds either the soft, sweet scent of coconut milk mango (pink) or fresh sea salt (teal). Both scents are fan favorites in the Forest! A sweet tube of wood safety matches will come with your candle. Add on a note of encouragement with one of the Petal Lane Home banners! Simple. Beautiful. Meaningful. Just how we like to do it at Mercy Forest Co.!

Gifts will be sent in a sturdy kraft box with magnetic closure. Complete with stuffing and muslin ribbon. 

*Be sure to add a special note for your mercy box recipient upon checkout (it will be handwritten on Mercy Forest Co. stationary and accompany your box!) 

Included in the Gift box: 

  • Illume Ceramic candle with Flower Lid in Coconut Milk Mango or Fresh Sea Salt Scent options
  • Safety Matches in tube matchbox
  • Petal Lane Home Banner (add-on option)

At Mercy Forest Co, we get a lot of great questions! If you don't find an answer to yours in this section, please contact us and ask! 

When will my mercy box ship? 
Your Mercy Forest Co. gift box will ship within 2 business days of placing the order. From there, your box should arrive to you (or your recipient) within 2 business days of shipping (about 4 total business days from ordering to receiving the box). Please note that Covid related disruptions to our businesses (product availability, staffing, etc) could unexpectedly add an additional business day or two. 

What if I want a delivery date further in the future? 
If you would like your box to arrive at a specified time in the future, simply select your desired delivery date when adding the gift to your cart. We are happy to  delay shipment to meet your future gifting needs!

What if I want to hand deliver my Mercy Forest Co. box? 
No problem! Just add your address into the shipping section and we will ship the box to you. Or, if you would like to pick up your gift box in Independence MN, just choose "Pick up" as your delivery method during checkout and we will contact you when your order is ready!

My Mercy Forest Co. gift arrived broken! 
We are so sorry! Please contact us via the contact page and we will happily work with you to replace the broken items. It is always helpful to have a photograph of the broken things, so please send one with your email to us.

Do you allow returns of a Mercy Forest Co. gift box? 
Due to the 'gifting' nature of our business, we do not accept returns on gifts/items sent on behalf of others. If you have received a gift box from our company and are unhappy with it, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issues the best we can!

Is the inventory limited?
Yes, because we want our clients to constantly have access to fresh, simple and meaningful gift boxes, we keep our inventory limited. It is possible that the box a will come back on a later date, or that we will curate another box to be similar, but you should try to get your favorite boxes while they are available! 

Where did the idea for Mercy Forest come from?                                          The idea behind the company came about when a precious friend lost her baby. I was heartbroken and knew I wanted to extend extra love and comfort to her, but had no idea where to start. Having had my own experience with miscarriage, I knew flowers (or something that would come and go) would not be encouraging. I took the time to sit down and really search for ideas and eventually came up with one, but it took a lot of time to curate and get sent off. After that experience, I decided there needed to more gifting options available that were simple, beautiful and meaningful. And on top of that, I wanted my gift to be able to get to the person in the moment...not a week later.

I would like to create custom gift boxes for my next event. Will you work with me on this project?
Absolutely! We love working directly with our customers and clients on custom curated mercy boxes. Shoot us a quick note (use the contact page) with information on the scope of the job and we will get back to you with the details on how to move forward. You can expect pricing to be similar to the boxes you see on the Mercy Forest Co. website.  

I am interested in custom engraving my project with my own logo. Can you help me with that?
Definitely! New to the Forest in 2022 is a co2 laser engraver. We are able to customize your gifts and take personalization to a whole new level. From insulated mugs to marble wine chillers, we do it all! 

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